Perfectly Queer

Embracing queer celebration as a core tenet of their business, Auntie M’s Creations owner Nadine Mobley has been recognized as the Wisconsin LGBT Chamber of Commerce’s 2022 Business of the Year.

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Never Would Have Pictured

Madison East High School Teacher April van Buren is the type of person who prefers being behind the scenes, but back-to-back awards had her in the news last fall. We spoke with her about her work and what wasn’t covered previously—her experience of queerness and coming out later in life.

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Rutabaga - Summer
Madison Community Foundation

Food & Dining

Java Cat is Back

Displaced due to redevelopment, Java Cat Coffee House has now relocated on the east side and is open for business.

The Northside is Blooming

Bloom Bakery has expanded to join the new co-operative space Northstreet, at the intersection of Commercial Ave and North St.



Arts & Entertainment

Protecting Ballroom

Aaron Bledsoe on the resurgence of ballroom in Wisconsin and the fight to preserve its legacy.

Watch Bobby Rivers

Bobby Rivers was Milwaukee’s Black, queer media pioneer, finding a niche in radio, then TV as a beloved and reviled host and producer despite relentless intersectional discrimination.

The Big Gay Market

This recurring event centering LGBTQ+ creators fills such a niche it has a waitlist of vendors wanting to participate.

Pride Under Assault

Wisconsin’s Pride events grapple with renewed threats in communities large and small.



Home & Garden

A Rural Oasis

Princeton-raised Matthew Trotter is building a purposefully curated ecosystem that both lifts up his home town’s history and celebrates a queerer version of up-north culture.

A Secret Worth Sharing

A 25-year exercise in spontaneity and experimentation transformed a neglected property into an eclectic eden.

Interior Lives

Blessed and beholden by his family’s surname, Joseph Pabst reflects on witnessing more suffering “than a person should,” and the fortress he’s built as his own artful sanctuary.



Health & Families

In Response to Trans Sanctuary Declarations

The Madison Area Transgender Association welcomes the declarations and acknowledges both the symbolism in them and the real barriers that are still present in Dane County to overall trans health.

Moving Past Fear

Frederick Harris looks at how ideology and the media invoke fear toward our community and offers ways to protect your mental health in the face of it.

Family Outings

Connecting Wisconsin’s queer families, JR Witt shares the work of Out Families and ways that others can get involved.

Conquering Shame

Frederick Harris unpacks the impacts of queer shame and offers tools for overcoming it.

Trans, Disabled, & a College Athlete

Emmett Lockwood holds the distinction of being the first openly transgender player on University of Wisconsin-Madison men’s water polo team. He is also a Disability Justice Activist with an advocacy that originates from coming to know he had no one else to be but himself.



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