Interest group: Food & Dining

The Pink Plaque Tour

Take a stroll through time to discover some of the hidden history of Madison’s LGBT community. Dick Wagner gives you a guided tour.

Coming Home

Restaurant owner Robert von Rutenberg looks back on his return to Madison and the family business.

Communal Roots

Marcelle Richards explores the community and outreach of the abundant women-owned Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farms in Dane County.

A Tribute to Tradition

Jennifer DeBolt’s The Old Fashioned summons memories of classic Wisconsin taverns and supper clubs of old and welcomes us to create memories within the restaurant’s culture of happiness.

Back to the Land

Marcelle Richards talks with local women who work the land and harvest its bounty to share with others as they enrich their own lives, too.

This is What Sustainability Looks Like

Claire Strader, Farm Director for Troy Community Farm and Community GroundWorks on learning to feed herself and her community today and for the long term.

Feed Your Passion

Journey with Ken Monteleone on his path of self-discovery and expression to learn what went into his creation of the Madison jewel: Fromagination.

Best Places for Outdoor Dining

Our community boasts a variety of outdoor dining venues and locales to please every palate. In anticipation of summer, we’ve listed some of our personal favorites.

The Big Chill

Meet Michael Dix, the man who keeps Michael’s Frozen Custard cool.

The Chocolaterian

A sweet and soothing addition to the Atwood neighborhood.

Java Cat Coffeehouse

“The Place Where Everybody Knows Your Name”

Feeding Bodies, Feeding the Soul

FairShare CSA Coalition executive director Kiera Mulvey charts her journey from snack crackers to sustainable agriculture, all while finding ways to connect people with food and the folks who grow it.

Soil & Soul

Owner of Harvest and The Old Fashioned, Tami Lax brings her passion and a family farm tradition to Madison tables.

Culinary Crossroads

Marcelle Richards looks back at lessons learned and relationships built exploring the Madison food community.

Tradition Meets Innovation

Farmers like to be “Liked,” too.

Spirit of the North

Learning to love the community of ice fishing and shanty culture with Tami Lax.

New Lease on Life

Robert Mahr reflects on what it took to bring back a beloved community spot, the Shamrock Bar & Grille, and the outpouring of support that made it happen.

Spirit of the Apple

The Cider Farm revives a tradition that provides the perfect sip for winters in Wisconsin.

If You Build It, We Will Come

The owners of Ground Zero coffeehouse and Cargo Coffee, Lindsey and Lynn Lee, eye their next location in the new Constellation development on East Washington Avenue.

Happy Guy, Happy Fry!

Steven Lawrence’s Fried and Fabulous food cart creates smiles for customers and business-owners alike.

Whole Body

It’s a Whole Person thing, and it starts with simple tweaks to what and how you eat.

Sowing the Seeds of Education and Tolerance

Sustainably built Badger Rock Middle School teaches students how to live in harmony with the environment and each other.

Daisy Chain

Connections are the icing on the cake at Daisy Café & Cupcakery.

A Custard Kinda Guy

Self-proclaimed “custard guy” Michael Dix of Michael’s Frozen Custard opens up about his often tumultuous journey toward self-love and sweet rewards.

Eat, Drink, and Be Mary

In a profile of Milwaukee’s rollickingly queer food and entertainment joint, Hamburger Mary’s brings the fun with the feast.

Sharing the Bounty

Local food options expand with the new CSA Market Share program.

Shirley Young, co-owner of Young Earth Farms

Along the Water’s Edge

When searching for balance and serenity, Jill Nebeker finds it along the urban shores of Lake Monona where Williamson Street meets downtown.

“Old Fashioned” Wisconsin Pride

As it turns out, Wisconsin Cuisine is not actually an oxymoron.

Romancing State Street

Recent Milwaukee transplant Robert Leschke finds his home in our cultural core.

A Taste of the Exotic

Hookah dips Madison cuisine into the Mediterranean

A Seafood Smorgasbord

The Mariner’s Inn is defining destination dining in Madison

Blue Plate Specials

Preserving the great diner tradition while offering a variety of healthier options, Monty’s Blue Plate Diner knows how to liven up the classics.

Sharing the Love

The recipe to chocolatier Gail Ambrosius’ success, Jill Nebeker finds, comes from caring as much for her team as she does her customers and chocolates.

The Bounty of Harvest

Home to the Slow Food Movement, Harvest reconnects you to the love of the dining experience, with a passion for local sustainability.

The Captain’s Table

With winter soon a memory and spring in bloom, the Betty Lou Cruises can again offer the best way to dine and experience the Madison skyline.

All Families Suffer When Good Food Leaves

Black Earth Meats run out of town by Village Board, but the fight for fresh, sustainable food sources continues

Keeping it Fresh

Lombardino’s Italian Restaurant & Bar stays up with the times in its kitchen and its causes.

Nau-ti and Nice

The Nau-Ti-Gal serves up casual, waterfront dining with an emphasis on fun.

Homage to Fromage

Fromagination offers an intimidating selection of artisan cheeses in an environment that is anything but.

Farm to (Cafe) Table

Jeanne Benink visits the new community supported cafe and grocery Cow & Quince in New Glarus and finds hospitality, farmer direct sourcing, and delicious food.

Feel Good Wine

Square Wine Company makes the case for the little guy at their Capitol Square shop.

Queering the Farm

Sociologist Jaclyn Wypler explores the growing community of lesbian farmers and finds a desire for better connections and visibility.

Sweet Returns

Leanne Cordisco has walked a slightly improbable but always interesting path from caretaker to business consultant to purveyor of sweet confections and a home-away-from-home at the well-regarded Chocolaterian Café.

The Diner Done Right

Classic rock and roller, trendy hipster, or funky bohemian—Willalby’s Cafe is a quintessential come-as-you-are, stand-out diner.

Home is Where the Heartland Is

There’s no place like Quivey’s Grove when it comes to nostalgic, Midwestern cuisine.

Eat, Drink, Love

Tami Lax of Harvest and The Old Fashioned takes a survey of the history and current state of Madison’s incredible farm-to-table dining and drink scene, including chefs, restaurants, farmers, brewers, bartenders, and more.

Rise of the Food Carts

While we do have lesbian farmers in Madison, we do not have a taco truck on every corner. Yet. What we do have is a plethora of food carts, and what they lack in ubiquity they make up for in variety and social activism. More than 30 of the carts’…

10 years of Our Lives

Our Lives turns 10 years old this July, and this issue marks the start of our year-long retrospective. We take a look back at some of the people, stories, and changes that have marked the past decade of the LGBTQ community here in Madison, the state, and beyond.

Love, Food, and Memories

Personal chef Jeanne Benink celebrates love of friends and family through our unifying memories of good food shared.

Conscious Caffeination

It’s all in the family, as Vivienne Andersen profiles the new Café Social and its owners Omar Lopez and Doug Swenson, who strive to bring Madison a truly sublime
cup of joe.

You May Remember

Our Lives turns 10 years old this July, and we’re celebrating with our own year-long retrospective. We take a look back at some of the people, stories, and changes that have marked the past decade of the LGBTQ community here in Madison, the state, and beyond.

Our Lives turns 10 years old this July, and we’re celebrating with our own year-long retrospective. We take a look back at some of the people, stories, and changes that have marked the past decade of the LGBTQ community here in Madison, the state, and beyond.

A Fair Trade

Casey Thompson and Thomas Beckwith-Thompson embark on a new phase of their relationship, expanding it to include ownership of longtime State Street institution Fair Trade Coffee.

Rooted Together

Ben Bisbach and Cody Egan felt driftless until they found organic farming, a life-work journey that’s taken them across the country and back again.

Holding On to the ‘Hood

Anna Alberici grew up in Madison’s storied Greenbush neighborhood and continues to cultivate its tastes, smells, and community ethic at the Greenbush Bar.

Culture Connection

Tommy Hanna, owner of the Mediterranean Hookah Lounge & Café, recalls his journey through family kitchens, civil wars, coming out, and becoming whole