Interest group: Mental Health

Dear Mom

Coming to terms with her mother’s recent death helps Paula Orton understand that life is too short to be spent hiding who she is.

Better Late Than Never

Getting a later start on building your own life creates some unique challenges. Dale Decker offers a few ways to handle a delayed adolescence

‘Tis the Season

With winter returning and hours of sunlight on the decline, Dale Decker offers some advice on how to cope through seasonal depression.

The Path Back

Recovering from heartbreak, Rob Vogel looks at how he moved beyond it and what it took to open himself up again.

Are You Always Leaving?

Attachment Theory helps Sue Gill illustrate how processing our sexuality can effect our ability to build and sustain lasting relationships.

Do You Tell the Whole Truth?

Can you see your glass ceiling? Jimmy Owen looks at the facts about what “little white lies” can do to our physical and emotional health.

Listening and Learning

If you know how to hear it, your body will tell you what’s right. Dr. Sue Gill shows how tuning in to our bodies puts us in better touch with our selves.

Therapy Shopping

Are you in the market for a psychotherapist? Jimmy Owen encourages you to empower yourself by selecting someone who will be a good fit for you. Imagine walking into an unfamiliar office and sitting in a strange room for the first time. As you look around, you notice a box…

When the Stress Becomes Too Much

Dr. Sue Gill looks at alcohol and drug dependence in LGB populations.

Embracing Vulnerability

Taught to be self-sufficient and strong at all costs, Connie North makes the case for why being able to see and accept one another, warts and all, is a crucial part of healthy human relationships.

Lifelong Companion

The road to recovery was a rocky one, but Laura Strimpel of Taproot Dog Training found her path alongside an unexpected furry friend.

Stepping Up

Therapist and social justice consultant Owen Karcher is working to turn agony into action to support trans and gender non-conforming people through a more mindful practice.

Black Trans Lives Matter: Health Care for All

An open letter from the Wisconsin Trans Health Coalition on the necessity of community efforts to eradicate state violence against transgender people.

Lisa Mitchell

Willma’s Way

Donald Haar describes his journey from personal struggle to becoming the helping hand that prevents our most vulnerable citizens from falling through the cracks of LGBTQ life.

Relationship Recovery

Alex Einsman explains why past relationship traumas shouldn’t define our sense of self or what’s possible in the future, but that we can and should learn from them.

Turning a Passion into a Profession

Angie Alcorta follows her lifelong dream of becoming a counselor with a little help from her experiences with Outreach.

An Individual Journey

The road to self-acceptance is full of speed bumps and landmarks along the way. Dale Decker helps you steer clear of wrong turns.

Eating Mindfully

Healthy eating involves the mind as much as the body. Sue Gill lays out a path to more balanced living.

Managing Fear in Uncertain Times

Sue Gill offers ways to acknowledge our very real fears without feeding into them or allowing our own hearts to turn to hate in times of struggle.

Our Bodies, Our Selves

Marcelle Richards explores and explains the emerging healing practice of erotic embodiment, also called bodywork, and access to pleasure for all people beyond physical or mental barriers.