What Makes a House a Home

Her attention to detail has made realtor Liz Lauer one of the best in Dane County

Her attention to detail has made realtor Liz Lauer one of the best in Dane County

Liz Lauer is not driven by glitz and glam. She isn’t out to sell the biggest house to the richest client. She’s in the real estate business because it brings together her two greatest loves: people and houses. She’s in it because she genuinely cares about helping people find a house that does more than just provide a roof over their heads. She loves to help people find a place they can make their own, a place they can call home.

A native of St. Paul, Liz grew up in a family well immersed in the real estate world. After high school, she followed her older brother to Wisconsin to attend the University of Wisconsin–Madison. While studying Women’s Studies and English, she worked for a local developer to earn money. Upon graduating, she was prepared to start a career in social work and began working with women who had been victims of domestic violence, helping them finding housing. Concurrently, she continued in real estate, purchasing rental properties. She slowly began to realize that her passions and her calling lay in connecting people to houses that make them happy.

Over the past ten years, Liz has worked for both First Weber and Restaino-Bunbury, where she not only established herself as one of the top sellers in both those firms, but currently ranks among the top 1% of realtors in the entire county. In 2001, she established her own real estate team, the Liz Lauer Associates. Working in a team allows the flexibility to ensure that Liz’s trademark commitment to meeting her client’s needs is always present. Currently, the team is comprised of Liz and two other agents, as well as a team coordinator who helps oversee the marketing of the team’s listings.

Liz’s decade-long career as a real estate agent is marked with her attention to detail and commitment to helping people. When she lists a house, it’s posted on MLS, an internet database of houses for sale, complete with details and pictures of the property. Instead of relying on the photographers from MLS to snap photographs of her listings, Liz does the legwork herself. She found that when others took the photos, they never captured the true character of the house. As the realtor, she sees it as her responsibility to broadcast the textures and layers of a house that make it distinctive. She has a keen eye for seeing what she calls “the bones of a home,” the parts of the home that aren’t necessarily overtly visible but do make the house stand out. It’s this skill that’s helped her strive as far as she has.

Living in Madison for almost twenty years, she admires the city’s intimate cohesiveness. She laughs when people harp on the supposed distinctiveness of the West Side versus the East Side, as she views each section of our compact yet vibrant town as a piece of a whole. She enjoys how the city has afforded the opportunity to follow her passions, achieve success in her career, and be a part of a welcoming and inclusive community. Her partner and fellow Liz Lauer Associate, Nina Lebwohl, celebrated the birth of their son, Levi, this past June. She has gone on to return the favor to her community with her philanthropy to many local LGBT organizations. Another example of how she’s committed to making everyone’s home that much better.


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