Interest group: Christopher Krimmer

Attorney Christopher Krimmer explains the hundreds of marriage rights now available to same-sex spouses who live in Wisconsin.

Do we have the right to same-sex divorce? What can a Wisconsin same-sex couple do if they wish to terminate their out-of-state same-sex marriage?

“After my first year as one of a very small number of ‘out’ students at Marquette, this class was like a life raft,” Jo Futrell said. “To be in a law class where I could speak from my own perspective as a lesbian—that was a big deal.”

Attorney Christopher Krimmer lays out the legal ups and downs of legalized same-sex marriage and makes a case for why it is—and sometimes is not—right for a couple.

Attorney Christopher Krimmer explores the tricky technicalities of gay marriage and divorce and the patchwork of laws that impact couples even long after they’ve split.

Attorney Christopher Krimmer explains the present status and future fight to establish a marital presumption for same-sex parents.