Interest group: Karin Wolf

Madison Arts Commission Arts Program Administrator Karin Wolf works to maintain the vibrancy and diversity of Madison’s public arts scene for current and future residents.

Babette Wainwright infuses her sculpture work with personal history and passion.

Karin Wolf speaks with artist and professor Jill H. Casid about her provocative work, theory as practice, and learning to live her dying.

Anders Zanichkowsky explores inner and outer terrains through multidisciplinary artworks.

An accident challenges a nature photographer to adapt and find beauty in a new life and a new lens.

The Overture Center’s Tim Sauers has given of his talents and expertise to the betterment of Madison’s premier arts center, arts education, and the community at large.

A long sought-after mural project comes to Madison and the wall of Plan B just in time for marriage equality to make headway in the state

Karin Wolf explores the artwork of Bernadette Witzack, whose multimedia works explore what it means to be female bodied, and just plain embodied, in a world that seeks to impose meaning on us.