Baraboo School Board needs your support!

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The Baraboo School Board is coming under strong pressure from inside as well as outside the district to table and reject a proposed transgender athlete policy.

Check out this local news report about their efforts.

This policy is based on the WIAA model policy that was passed last year.  This policy would provide guidance for coaches, staff, and students on how to protect the privacy and safety of transgender athletes, and would work to ensure that school sports are accessible for them.

Read what Wisconsin Family Action, who is organizing the opposition, is saying about this policy and efforts to protect and support transgender students.

Please take a few minutes TODAY to email all board members to let them know you support their leadership and to remind them just how important this kind of policy is for transgender students.  It’s especially critical that they hear from current or past students, parents, and other residents.  It would also be helpful to hear from other supporters who understand the need to have policies like these as well as people who live in districts that already have similar policies.

The board is scheduled to vote on this policy at their December 15th meeting at 6PMin the High School Media Center.  Due to pressure from opposition, some board members are making signs that they will withdraw their support.  Please contact the board now!

Please be sure to share any messages you send to the board with Brian J.(
Basic talking points:

  • Thank you for your leadership. The board has a responsibility to provide clear guidance for district staff.  This policy does just that. Good job!
  • Title IX prohibits discrimination against transgender students.  This policy will help staff, students, and coaches know how to support and include, rather than exclude and discriminate.
  • Public schools have a responsibility to teach every student.  This policy helps ensure transgender students have safe access to an important part of the school learning community.
  • In states and districts that have already passed similar policies, there has been no increase in instances of sexual harassment or assault towards students who aren’t transgender.  While people opposed to these policies always bring these fears up, they simply don’t actually play out or happen.  They’re just not true.  What’s true is that transgender students are still more likely by far to be the target of these behaviors in school.
  • This is about the privacy, safety, and dignity of all students.  As a community these are values that we uphold.
Baraboo School Board members:

Gary Cummings –

Doug Mering –

Mo Reilly –

Kevin Vodak – (Board President)

Sean McNevin –

Ed Mortimer –

Peter Vedro –,,,,,,

Thank you for taking action today.


Brian J.

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