The OPEN Mentor/Mentee  program matches someone looking for career advancement, whether they are a student, young professional, or someone just making a career change, with a seasoned business professional that has established networks and can offer guidance in this time of career transition.  We are actively seeking those interested in serving as both mentors and mentees.  

Program Description:

  •      Matched mentor/mentees agree to meet every-other month during the first year of the program

  •       Matches agree to make the August and October events, if possible

  •     At the May kick-off meeting, we will include welcome and introductions, a goal setting activity, and an announcement of discussion topics for the individual meetings May-October

  •      OPEN will send an email to the group in May, July, and August reminding pairs to find a time to meet. The message will include discussion topics to choose from.

  •      Mid-program event will be a professional development workshop determined by the interests of the group.

  •       Wrap-up event will include one-on-one time for pairs to discuss how the program went and report back in a group discussion, and then time for mixing and mingling.