With excitement we announce today the 2018 Impact Grant Program is now open and accepting applications!  Cream City Foundation invites applicants to seek funding for programs that respond to the discrimination and systemic oppression that LGBTQ+ communities face in Southeastern Wisconsin.

These grants will provide organizations the opportunity to serve LGBTQ+ populations with services and programs that address the most pressing needs.  The purpose of each Impact Grant is to expand the number of organizations participating in this important work.

We are accepting applications in each of the elevated priority areas:

  • EQUITY—Creating opportunities to bridge our understanding that the LGBTQ+ community is not one monolithic community but one that is comprised of multiple communities with intersecting identities, experiences and oppressions.
  • HEALTH—Creating opportunities to pursue health and happiness. Addressing health issues to secure access to competent and welcoming health care providers, health insurance, physical and mental health treatment and care.
  • PROSPERITY—Creating opportunities to earn a living and provide for families and selves. Addressing economic justice issues to secure access to housing, food, education, and employment with fair and inclusive workplaces.

Thank you to our generous sponsors and donors who invest in this program.  Your donations have allowed us to grow and expand the Impact Grant Program for 2018.  Thank you!

For more information about the program, please visit our website, call the office at 414-225-0244 or email us at grants@creamcityfoundation.org.