Madison – State Supreme Court Justice Rebecca Bradley has been under fire for outrageously homophobic writings in which, among other things, she referred to members of the LGBTQ community as “degenerates” and condemned them for engaging in “abnormal and immoral” behavior. Today Fair Wisconsin announces they’ll be working to expose and hold accountable Wisconsin Alliance for Reform, a group with ties to a noted anti-marriage equality activist and which is expected to spend $3 million on ads on Bradley’s behalf.

“The vile things Rebecca Bradley wrote about members of the LGBTQ community disqualify her from sitting on our state high court,” said Fair Wisconsin Executive Director Megin McDonell. “The hatred and anger Rebecca Bradley expressed toward the LGBTQ community in her writings ought to be shunned, and so should those who would support putting a person with such hateful views on a court that could very well be making decisions on the real issues of equality affecting our community.”

Wisconsin Alliance for Reform spent a reported $1 million plus on behalf of Justice Rebecca Bradley in advance of the February primary election. They have already purchased $1 million in television advertising in support of Bradley running through mid-March and are expected to spend at least $1 million more before the April 5 election.

In 2006 Lorri Pickens was the head of Vote Yes for Marriage, the group leading the Wisconsin constitutional amendment campaign against marriage equality. She is listed as the agent registering the website for the Wisconsin Alliance for Reform. According to her LinkedIn profile, Pickens has also consulted for Wisconsin Family Action, the state’s fiercest opponents of LGBTQ equality.

On its website, Wisconsin Alliance for Reform advocates for “expanded personal freedoms,” language frequently used to support efforts to allow religion to be used to discriminate against LGBTQ people in virtually all aspects of their lives. Across the country, efforts to pass broad religious exemption laws have multiplied since the U.S. Supreme Court declared all state same-sex marriage bans unconstitutional.

McDonell concluded, “It’s critical that the LGBTQ community know that the people who support Justice Bradley are the same people who have fought against LGBTQ equality and want to roll back the gains we have made in recent years.”