Interest group: Aging

My Outings

Recounting the many different ways we come out over the years, Stephen Calvert looks back on his most important two.

The Wisdom of Years

Owl artist Clarence P. Cameron owes his success to the 
love and support of his partner, Bob Lockhart, with whom 
he has spent half a century.

Advocate for the Aging

Caroline Werner interviews Sen. Tammy Baldwin about her appointment to the Senate Committee on Aging and their moves to include LGBTQ elders as a vulnerable population in the Older Americans Act.

Senator Tammy Baldwin was sworn in as a Member of the United States Senate by Vice President Joe Biden on January 3rd, 2013.

Support at the Hospital and Home

Caroline Werner explains the Share the Care program and important aspects of the Affordable Care Act.

Sandwich Generation

Caroline Werner celebrates and honors those who are caring for both children and aging parents.

Share the Care

Caroline Werner on the state of seniors and caregiving today.

Resilience Rewarded

Caroline Werner takes a look at recent developments in healthcare protections for LGBTQ seniors.

Firsts: Marriage Equality Pioneer Donna Burkett

On October 1, 1971, just two years after Stonewall, Donna Burkett and her partner walked into the Office of the Milwaukee County Clerk to apply for a marriage license.

Creative Health Care

Older LGBT community members are forcing the health care system to better serve their unique needs.

Form and Formlessness of Love

Embracing her sexual identity later in life, an Anonymous Reader shares the discovery that helped her feel love.

Justice Warrior

Caroline Werner interviews Carrie “Chaous” Riddle, a working class grandmother who has dedicated herself to volunteering on behalf of the most vulnerable among us

Out At Last

Madisonian Rosalee Eichstedt reflects on her relationship with her newly out bisexual dad and how it impacted her own path toward self-acceptance.

40 years after Stonewall: Pride In Progress

The past 50 years in a civil rights movement through the eyes and perspective of a Madison native by Brian Powers.

Lizard Legacy

Jane Boyd, Outreach’s 2009 Susan Green Woman of the Year, receives due honors her role in forming and maintaining Lizards, a social group for “older” lesbians.

Madison’s Own Fairy Godmother

Michael Bruno shares his theatrical journey with Tara Ayres.

Justice Warrior, pt. 2

In the second of a two-part series, Caroline Werner delves into the history and ethic of a queer activist family.

Going Gray with Grace

Caroline Werner reflects cheerfully on misperceptions about the aging process and stereotypes about people of a certain age.

Lesbians Who Lunch

Rollers co-organizer Liz Dannenbaum shares the group’s history and why having a gathering place for older lesbians is so crucial—and fun.

On Loss and Living On

In the midst of tremendous loss and pain, LGBTQ people deal with both expected and unique challenges when facing the death of a romantic partner. Below, a handful of our community relate their own stories of being widowed in the hopes of helping others better navigate one of the most difficult parts of our lives.

Expectant Caregiving

Caroline Werner talks to Jane De Broux of the Area Agency on Aging about resources available in Dane County.

Caroline Werner talks to Jane De Broux of the Area Agency on Aging about  resources available in Dane County.

A Group of Your Peers

Michal Osier surveys some of the area social groups aimed specifically at LGBTQ elders and providing needed alternatives to isolation.

Am I Welcome Here?

Finding little current information, OutReach’s new LGBT Senior Advocate, Michal Osier, is hoping to create a reliable list of LGBTQ welcoming senior care centers.

A Unique Grief

OutReach’s Michal Osier looks into ways traditional grief support groups for bereaved spouses may fall far short of serving LGBTQ widows and widowers by examining our unique challenges and needs.