Interest group: Counseling

Dear Mom

Coming to terms with her mother’s recent death helps Paula Orton understand that life is too short to be spent hiding who she is.

Better Late Than Never

Getting a later start on building your own life creates some unique challenges. Dale Decker offers a few ways to handle a delayed adolescence

The Civil Servant

Over the past two decades, Steve Starkey has built a professional career in community service. In 2006 he began using that experience to steer OutReach as it’s Executive Director.

A Family By Choice

Dr. Sue Gill challenges you to develop an inner template for what “family” can mean to you.

Look for Silver Linings

Dr. Sue Gill personally explores how we deal with suffering, grief, betrayal, and hope.

Grieving Suicide, Healing Ourselves

In the wake of suicide, Connie North reflects on the importance of human connection and the example set by those who live.

The Trouble with Identity

Connie North explores both the benefits and limitations of our inborn and chosen identities.

Stressing Out

Dennis Christoffersen identifies the things that cause us stress in our day-to-day lives and offers a first step toward finding peace.

Focusing on the Positives

Dr. Sue Gill reminds us that “Where you put your energy, that’s what grows.”

Love Hurts

Dr. Sue Gill offers suggestions for when things totally, irrevocably, undeniably fall apart.

Holiday Cheer?

Dr. Sue Gill offers both a reflection and some helpful suggestions on recognizing and addressing family holiday stressors.

You Gotta Have Friends

Tamar Zick encourages us to keep our friendships healthy and strong, offering three qualities to strive for to help maintain these relationships.

Relationships in the Grindr Era

Alexander Einsman explores whether digital gaydar really brings us together…or keeps us apart?

An Individual Journey

The road to self-acceptance is full of speed bumps and landmarks along the way. Dale Decker helps you steer clear of wrong turns.

Conscious Living

It’s no surprise that minorities have increased problems with depression, addictions and compulsive behavior. Gay people are no exception.

Dealing with the Deuces

In the wake of the marriage amendment, Dale Decker examines how shame can prevent that “personal connection” necessary for creating change.

The Psychology of Coming Out

Psychotherapist Alex Einsman explains why exploring the hidden layers of ourselves is essential to the process of being out in the world

In Times of Grief

Are there manageable ways to make it through losing someone close? After our recent losses, Dale Decker offers methods to help cope.

The Path to Parenting

As the reality of creating our own families increases, so do the paths we take to get there. The Law Center for Children and Families reports on a variety of options and success stories.

Quitters Do Win

Diverse and Resilient partners with OutReach on “Room to Breathe,” a solution to help us stop smoking. Amber Ault reports.

Are You Always Leaving?

Attachment Theory helps Sue Gill illustrate how processing our sexuality can effect our ability to build and sustain lasting relationships.

Invisibly Queer

Dr. Sue Gill explores the ways in which some queer-identified people end up ostracized or unseen even within the LGBTQ community.

We Shall Overcome

GSAFE Educator of the Year Scott Lone of West Bend East High School approaches his role with dedication and courage.

Listening and Learning

If you know how to hear it, your body will tell you what’s right. Dr. Sue Gill shows how tuning in to our bodies puts us in better touch with our selves.

Therapy Shopping

Are you in the market for a psychotherapist? Jimmy Owen encourages you to empower yourself by selecting someone who will be a good fit for you. Imagine walking into an unfamiliar office and sitting in a strange room for the first time. As you look around, you notice a box…

When the Stress Becomes Too Much

Dr. Sue Gill looks at alcohol and drug dependence in LGB populations.

Embracing Vulnerability

Taught to be self-sufficient and strong at all costs, Connie North makes the case for why being able to see and accept one another, warts and all, is a crucial part of healthy human relationships.

Coping with Serious Illness

A Lyme disease diagnosis forced Dr. Sue Gill to rearrange everything about how she approaches and thinks about her own life and what it means to deal with chronic illness

Getting Unstuck

Connie North explores how downgrading expectations and setting boundaries helps maintain self-respect and lessen anger.

Relationship Recovery

Alex Einsman explains why past relationship traumas shouldn’t define our sense of self or what’s possible in the future, but that we can and should learn from them.

Eating Mindfully

Healthy eating involves the mind as much as the body. Sue Gill lays out a path to more balanced living.

Managing Fear in Uncertain Times

Sue Gill offers ways to acknowledge our very real fears without feeding into them or allowing our own hearts to turn to hate in times of struggle.

Our Bodies, Our Selves

Marcelle Richards explores and explains the emerging healing practice of erotic embodiment, also called bodywork, and access to pleasure for all people beyond physical or mental barriers.

Compass Rose

James Van Abel found support and direction through Briarpatch’s Teens Like Us group, and now has the chance to give back to the next generation.

Violence Hits Home

Kathy Flores gives an update on the murder trial of Andrew Nesbitt and offers insight and tips for how we can work to prevent such tragedies, and why hookup-related violence in the LGBTQ community is both an issue of intimate partner violence and sexual assault.

Kathy Flores gives an update on the murder trial of Andrew Nesbitt and offers insight and tips for how we can work to prevent such tragedies, and why hookup-related violence in the LGBTQ community is both an issue of intimate partner violence and sexual assault.

Recovery from Teachings of Evangelical Fundamentalism

Diverse & Resilient’s Kathy Flores examines the ways in which religion is still used to harm LGBTQ+ people, and offers methods for undoing the damage.

The Only Way Out is Through

Mare Chapman offers readers a path to self-love and acceptance through mindfulness meditation practice and insights.

My Story, My Life

Creative writing helped Rachel L. reclaim the voice she’d lost after childhood sexual assault and trauma went unheard and disbelieved.

Shelter From the Storm

Courage House is poised to become the state’s first home and drop-in space for homeless LGBTQ youth. We asked co-founder Brad Schlaikowski the whys and hows of opening the new space in Milwaukee.