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Caring & Committed Couples List 2014

Each year since we introduced our collaborative list with Fair Wisconsin, our number of out and allied couples grows stronger! This year over 550 Wisconsin couples answered the call of Our Lives and Fair Wisconsin to stand up for love and fairness. Together we are sending a message—to our community,…

I Am Grateful!

Volunteering for ACT 5 herself, Barbara McKinney discovers the commitment and courage that her late son Mike always described as “a life changing experience”

Growing Together

Richard Kilmer and Tim Spires show how respect, care, and commitment can create a relationship rich with love and quality time spent together

Her Path to the Pulpit

Answering the call for the Reverend Eldonna Hazen first meant reconciling her sexuality with her faith. In her own words, First Congregational United Church of Christ’s Associate Minister talks about why she’s returned to the church.

Coming Out of Denial

Brenda Farabaugh opens up about how she first reacted when her son Patrick came out to her, and where she is at with it now.

Coming Home

Restaurant owner Robert von Rutenberg looks back on his return to Madison and the family business.

Still Dancing After All These Years

Danielle Dresden and Donna Peckett celebrate 25 years of TAPIT/newworks.

Legal or Not, Here We Come!

Wondering “why bother” to have a gay wedding where it isn’t legal? Jay Edgar and Joshua Feyen chose to despite the fact, and were blown away by how significant it was—for them and everyone else.

A Family By Choice

Dr. Sue Gill challenges you to develop an inner template for what “family” can mean to you.

Choose Love

Healer/Communicator Asia Voight on how tragedy put her back in touch with her intuition and the healing power of love.

Caring & Committed Couples List 2012

Our collaborative list with Fair Wisconsin.

Love on Trial

In June of last year, the United Methodist Church publicly put the Rev. Amy DeLong on trial after she married two women. With it now behind her, DeLong narrates her experience reconciling her two loves.

From Russia With Love

Denise Matyka and Margaret McMurray found their 
dream come true in the form of a little girl named Maria.

What’s a Mother To Do?

For PFLAG’s Karen Baker, OutReach Community Center’s 
2012 Ally of the Year, the answer was easy.

Fueling Our Passion, Living Our Dream

Nan Mortensen, co-owner of Dutch’s Auto Service, reflects back over a lifetime of building a livelihood and how she and her partner and co-owner, Crystal Rossman, are living their dreams.

The Wisdom of Years

Owl artist Clarence P. Cameron owes his success to the 
love and support of his partner, Bob Lockhart, with whom 
he has spent half a century.

Salvation in Sport

Cathy Noth found strength and direction through athletics, 
faith, and family.

The Stir-Stick Ranch: Build what you love with whom you love

Laura Webster details the vision and journey that led her and partner Jill Munich to build their dream home in Madison.

Embracing True Love

A winding road of ups, downs, and big changes has bonded Will Van Roosenbeek and Tara DeLong ever closer together.

Marketing Love & Acceptance

Diverse & Resilient’s Acceptance Journeys program uses families’ stories to lay the groundwork for changing hearts and minds about LGBT lives.

Caring & Committed Couples List 2013

Our third collaborative list with Fair Wisconsin.

How Sweet It Is

Danez Smith shares a taste of what Self Love can be.

A Custard Kinda Guy

Self-proclaimed “custard guy” Michael Dix of Michael’s Frozen Custard opens up about his often tumultuous journey toward self-love and sweet rewards.

Relationships in the Grindr Era

Alexander Einsman explores whether digital gaydar really brings us together…or keeps us apart?

Victory for Equality

Attorney Michele L. Perreault explains Judge Crabb’s historic ruling declaring Wisconsin’s marriage equality ban unconstitutional.

Love Warriors

Meet the eight plaintiff couples in the ACLUís lawsuit to bring marriage equality to Wisconsin

Living Truth

Connie North explores the work of author and teacher Helen Boyd and what it means to love a trans* person.

Why PFLAG is So Important

After talking with the Madison chapter President Kay Heggestad, the value of Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays becomes as real as the love a mother has for her son

The Invitation

When a wedding invitation arrives in his mailbox, Patrick Farabaugh is left pondering about homecomings and bridesmaids

Friendly Faces in Familiar Places

Returning home helps Bjørn Holtan discover that Midwestern values have grown to include our family values at one of Madison’s most endeared traditions.

V for Valuation

UW Allies Program co-president Amanda Hunter opens up about the friend that helped her find the courage to step out and stand up for herself.

Connecting Through Faith

One of our most consistent and visible allies, the Reverend Curt Anderson openly affirms all people at First Congregational United Church of Christ

Happily Ever After

David Valdes Greenwood goes inside a same-sex marriage to candidly show the ups and downs of domestic bliss.

Landing on Solid Ground

Emma Donoghue delivers a story exploring how distance and difficulty don’t have to overwhelm a relationship

Summer of Love

A long sought-after mural project comes to Madison and the wall of Plan B just in time for marriage equality to make headway in the state

Farewell: In Loving Memory of Felicia Melton-Smyth

Saying goodbye to Felicia Melton-Smyth

How Her Jouney Begins

For Daun Johnston, the road less traveled leads through Madison and ultimately to her own personal truth.

Fatherhood Realized

Wisconsin Rainbow Families’ Vance Skinner and Brendan Barrett outline the evolution of their identities and what lead to their desire to have children.

The Path Back

Recovering from heartbreak, Rob Vogel looks at how he moved beyond it and what it took to open himself up again.

Dear Cris

After surviving years of declining health and a double transplant, OutReach’s Development Director Nikki Baumblatt looks back at the woman who cared for her, loved her, and stayed next to her through it as she tries to say: I Love You.

Finding Their Common Voice

Past Fair Wisconsin Board President Dan Ross charts the path that he and his partner Charlie Squires took from meeting at a graduate school party into a shared life of activism.

What is Love, Anyway?

Trying to describe a seemingly intangible feeling, local author Darwin Ward turns to lyrics to help reveal the language of love.

Relationship Roadblocks

Are you looking for love in all the wrong places? Jimmy Owen sifts through some potenital barriers that might be holding back your happiness.

What Comes After Prop 8?

While demystifying the legal aftermath of California’s Proposition 8 vote, Tamara Packard offers a perspective on our progress.

Form and Formlessness of Love

Embracing her sexual identity later in life, an Anonymous Reader shares the discovery that helped her feel love.

A Thread in Our Cultural Fabric

John Quinlan talks with author Will Fellows about the timeless relevance that helped inspire Brokeback Mountain—the collection of narratives in Fellows’ Farm Boys.

We Shall Overcome

GSAFE Educator of the Year Scott Lone of West Bend East High School approaches his role with dedication and courage.

Our Journey to Jackson

We stayed in hotels bonding with a child who we may or may not parent. We were glorified babysitters during this period, yet we already fell in love with him.

For the Love of Country

A soldier and her wife reflect on their loneliness and honor in the oppressive world of military discrimination.

The First Time I Fell in Love

Our Lives Publisher Patrick Farabaugh recounts his first.

The Valentine Poems

Linda Lenzke ‘s poetic prose chronicles love’s past and future.

Say It with Gear

Amber Ault has an unconventional suggestion for a gift for that special someone this Valentine’s Day.

Choosing Love

Jimmy Owen reflects on the coming out, coming together journey that he and his parents have traveled.

Congrats! We Can Marry. Now Should We?

Attorney Christopher Krimmer lays out the legal ups and downs of legalized same-sex marriage and makes a case for why it is—and sometimes is not—right for a couple.

More to Love

Hallie Lieberman explores and explains the past, present, and future of Madison’s diverse and somewhat unique poly community.

Love and Estate Planning

Proper estate planning may not be the most fun part of relationships, but attorney Michele Perreault points out how crucial it is for LGBTQ people in particular.

Relationship Recovery

Alex Einsman explains why past relationship traumas shouldn’t define our sense of self or what’s possible in the future, but that we can and should learn from them.

Food for Thought

Jeanne Benink explores the ways we develop a taste for different kinds of love.

Love, Life, Literature

UW Press Executive Editor Raphael Kadushin reflects on a life of good fortune and world travel, from his first generation immigrant roots in New York to finding the love of his life and “settling” in Madison—and the work yet to be done.

Living to Serve

Cargo Coffee owner Lynn Lee details the ups and downs and lessons learned from working in the service industry, from San Francisco in the early ‘90s toMadison in the now, and becoming a role model for his young LGBTQ employees along the way.

10 years of Our Lives

Our Lives turns 10 years old this July, and this issue marks the start of our year-long retrospective. We take a look back at some of the people, stories, and changes that have marked the past decade of the LGBTQ community here in Madison, the state, and beyond.

Love, Food, and Memories

Personal chef Jeanne Benink celebrates love of friends and family through our unifying memories of good food shared.

A Different American Dream

Rodney Lucas, aka F. Stokes, talks about his new documentary Ain’t No Babies in the City and why he felt compelled to tell the story of his sister and her partner’s decision to start a family in the face of massive societal prejudice.

Our Bodies, Our Selves

Marcelle Richards explores and explains the emerging healing practice of erotic embodiment, also called bodywork, and access to pleasure for all people beyond physical or mental barriers.

Taking the Plunge

Ehren Hasz took a leap of faith when she came out as transgender to her partner, Becky Peterson. Through diving, dogs, and love, they’ve navigated the bumpy waters into smoother sailing.

An Inclusive #MeToo

There is power in solidarity between survivors, regardless of gender, orientation, or race. We must not let the movement become exclusive.

Celebrating Your Special Day, Done Your Way

Wisconsin’s LGBTQ newlyweds share their wedding experience and advice.

A Unique Grief

OutReach’s Michal Osier looks into ways traditional grief support groups for bereaved spouses may fall far short of serving LGBTQ widows and widowers by examining our unique challenges and needs.

Loving through Adversity

Lavender Knight and Tanya Mudrick’s love for one another is a bond that has survived and deepened despite everything they have been through.