Interest group: Pets

Creature Comforts

Ann Jakel & Peggy Stormoen introduce us to their four-legged family members and the joys of taking them hunting, too.

A Family Fueled by Diesel

Say hello to Steven Sievert, Philip Keller, and Diesel

Creature Comforts

Susan Frikken and Debra Hanrahan talk about their adopted animal companions and why rescuing is important and fulfilling

The Judge Among Us

One Madison man’s road to Westminster.

The Kellihan Clan

Meet the Brady Bunch of the animal world: the dogs and cats of the Kellihan family

Boo and His Dads

Justin Krause & Scott Brown introduce us to their Boo.

Axel, Aspen, and Their Family

Jennifer Carlson & Tina Rogers introduce us to their furry family members.

Pet Project

Dr. William Gilles and the WisCARES program aim to bring affordable care to our furry friends in need.

A Needle in the Haystack

Meet Emily Harris, the 25 year-old owner of the Wylymar farms in Argyle

Dog Day Heaven

Couple Dino Maniaci and Jason Hoke show your canine companions a level of care, understanding and style at Spa Woof that brings new meaning to “gone to the dogs.”

Where the Good Dogs Go

Holding service to high standards, Bad Dog Frida adds color to canine care.

Lifelong Companion

The road to recovery was a rocky one, but Laura Strimpel of Taproot Dog Training found her path alongside an unexpected furry friend.

Leader of the Pack

Blair Braverman carved out a space for herself in the hyper-masculine word of dog sledding, finding her own unique sense of self and serious adventure in the process.