Interest group: Sports

A Culmination of Community

Each year the Madison Gay Hockey Association invites its members to write about the role that the MGHA plays in building their identity. 2007 scholarship winner Mark Sadowski shares his essay.

Waking Up the Sleeping Giant

Madison Gay Hockey Association Founder and Our Lives Publisher Patrick Farabaugh shares his personal story and experience behind the birth of the MGHA

Time to ACT

What started as a job turned into something bigger as WKOW 27 news anchor Mitch Weber tells Our Lives why he decided to make the Wisconsin AIDS ride a part of who he is.

What Gay Hockey Means To Me

Each year the Madison Gay Hockey Association invites its members to write about the role that the MGHA plays in building their identity. 2011 scholarship winner Jeff Godsey shares his essay.

The Embodiment of Fitness

What do Greek gods, break dancing, tear gas, and the circus have share in common? They are all mile-markers along Septimiu Teodorescu’s path to the American Dream.

Comrades in Arms

Tim Lom found in fellow Madison Minotaurs and other gay rugby teams an extended family. But first, he had to know what he was looking for.

Head Over Skates

Victoria Echeverria, aka Elle Machete of the Mad Rollin’ Dolls, looks at a life lived on roller skates.

Running Man

From Mexico to America, Rolando Cruz found passion and purpose in a pair of running shoes.

A New Sport, A New Culture, A New Community, A New Life

Madison Gay Hockey player Chue Xiong talks about life in a refugee camp, 
running away from home, 
coming out, and finding 
support in a most 
unlikely place.

Salvation in Sport

Cathy Noth found strength and direction through athletics, 
faith, and family.

Iron Woman

Colleen Capper runs, swims, and bikes toward a better, longer life and finds plenty of role models in the triathlon community.

Searching for Home

Our Lives Publisher Patrick Farabaugh shares how he learned the meaning of “home is where the heart is.”

Striking Community Gold

David Rhode helps us get to know the Honeymooners bowling league and the appeal of a Monday night at the lanes.

Embracing the Scrum

Rugby helped Andy Best embrace vulnerability and overcome the anxieties of an uncoordinated, sensitive kid.

A League of His Own

Lee Kampa talks finding acceptance, community, and a place to grow as an out gay man and athlete in the world of Madison softball.

Coming Out with the Great Outdoors

Diane Schwartz talks about her work with the Madison LGBT Outdoor Group & Madison Area Women’s Outdoor Network.

Serving for a Cause

Madison Gay Volleyball’s Rob Littell credits the league with helping him come into his own.

They’ve Got Game—and Heart

Madison Blaze Women’s Football Team members Rebecca Havens and Jessica Lundgren talk about their love of the game—and the team.

Rebecca Havens and Jessica Lundgren

Net Worth

Kurtis Hopp found a tight-knit community and a way to give back in Madison’s volleyball scene.

Free to Roll

The culture and community of roller derby helped Alex Hanna get comfortable with their non-binary gender identity and kick butt on skates.

Why Gay Sports?

The essays that players from the Madison Gay Hockey Association write each year show the unique significance of the support they receive by playing in an LGBTQ sports league.

Water Rhythms

As the Mendota Rowing Club approaches its 40th anniversary in Madison, rowers reflect on their time on the water and what the sport means to them.

Changing the Game

Two Madison West High School seniors, Isabel Medina and Miles Walser, are attempting to push the boundaries for queer youth with a Wisconsin first: The Young Queer Sports Club.

To Be the First

Division I Badger hockey player Ilana Friedman started a You Can Play chapter to help LGBT athletes at the UW and around Madison come out and participate in sport.

Farewell: In Loving Memory of Felicia Melton-Smyth

Saying goodbye to Felicia Melton-Smyth

Getting Beyond Borders

Triathlete Amber Ault is competing for a cause

Made in Canada

For Tammy Champion, hockey is more than a sport. It is a way of life.

Tackling Life, Head-On

Katie Jayce found a home and fulfilled a dream by joining the rough and tumble world of women’s tackle football.

A Derby Diva

Meet Rae Kyritsi, the lass putting the sass into her Mad Rollin’ Dolls alter ego, Sassafrass.

What Gay Hockey Means to Me

Each year the Madison Gay Hockey Association invites its members to write about the role the MGHA plays in building their identity. 2009 Scholarship winner Max Camp shares his essay.

Stepping Up to the Plate

Dawn Siebert and Ben Monty share how Madison came to host the 2009 ASANA Softball World Series.

Come Out to Support LGBTQ Triathletes

Thousands of spectators assemble at Monona Terrace before dawn to find viewing spots along the Monona shoreline for the 7:00 a.m., 2.4-mile swim start.

Smells Like Team Spirit

Meet McGee Steffes of the Wisconsin Wolves Women’s Football team. She and her teammates learn lessons on the field that apply off of it as well.

School of Fish

Meet Barb Carey, creator of Wisconsin Women Fish—a popular source of education, events, and networking for female anglers from our state and beyond.

What Gay Hockey Means to Me

Each year the Madison Gay Hockey Association invites its members to write about the role that the MGHA plays in building their identity. 2010 scholarship winner Amy Barker shares her essay.

Figuring It Out

US and Olympic Figure Skating Judge Robert G. Rosenbluth.

Hit So Hard

In the full-contact world of rugby’s rucks and scrums, Greta Slack found an inclusive and supportive family to call her own

Radically Inclusive

Baraboo High School senior Catherine Hartup has been an active and driven member of her school’s GSA and was the lone student to speak in support of the district’s new trans-inclusive athletic policy.

Calling the Shots

Madison boasts a world-class curling scene, and Lori Karst is proud to be part of the community that fulfills and challenges her every day.

Life in the Fast Lane

For Shannon Anderson, a competitive nature and love of precision found an outlet through the high-speed world of motorcycle racing.

Finding Pride

In his Madison Gay Hockey Association award-winning essay, Drew White reflects on the internal struggle that brought him to Madison and the community he found on—and off—the ice.

Full Court Press

Margaret Kucera was on track to be one of the greats of women’s basketball before extreme homophobia derailed her career and forced her to find new ways to become a role model to others.

Glory Days

Dalton Ray took the bold step of coming out as gay to his high school football team, but found himself back in the closet when he went off to college. It was the unexpected support he got from many of his old teammates, friends, and family—even in the often hyper-competitive and hyper-heterosexual culture of men’s sports—plus the ‘It Gets Better’ movement, that finally inspired Ray to take the final plunge to come out fully and finally.

School of Life

Madison College Vice Provost Turina Bakken brings a wealth of life experiences, travel, sports and a commitment to lifting others up to her leadership role at the innovative campus.

It’s a State of Mind

Team Orange’s Lora Wilkinson loves to recruit new members.

Strengthening the Chain

Tiffany Loomis of the Madison Cougars football team reflects on what her leadership role has taught her.

Rolling with Transition

Ray McMahan found his inner athlete and a welcoming home in the sport of roller derby. Now he’s looking to build a space specifically for cis- and trans-identified men to play in Madison, too.

Team Spirit

Madison Gay Hockey Association’s annual essay contest winner Logan Kirwin talks about transition, acceptance, and the queer athletic community.

Leader of the Pack

Blair Braverman carved out a space for herself in the hyper-masculine word of dog sledding, finding her own unique sense of self and serious adventure in the process.

10 years of Our Lives

Our Lives turns 10 years old this July, and this issue marks the start of our year-long retrospective. We take a look back at some of the people, stories, and changes that have marked the past decade of the LGBTQ community here in Madison, the state, and beyond.

Ride for Life

Simone Justice found her life’s drive in cycling and is determined to see the sport better reflect and reach out to minority communities.

Coming Home

Madison Gay Hockey Association’s annual essay gave Ashleigh Baldwin a chance to reflect on rediscovering her life’s passion and finding a place to call home in the league

Finding A Place on the Ice

Kevin Colelli used Madison Gay Hockey Association’s annual essay to talk about falling in love with a sport that didn’t seem to love him back, and how the MGHA helped him bring his whole self to the table.

Going the Distance

After Shelly Sabourin’s son came out to her as transgender, she sought to educate herself and others and push for equality, using the New York City Marathon as a means to put her money where her mouth—and heart—is.

Taking the Plunge

Ehren Hasz took a leap of faith when she came out as transgender to her partner, Becky Peterson. Through diving, dogs, and love, they’ve navigated the bumpy waters into smoother sailing.

Family on Wheels

In roller derby, Eddie “Rufhouse Wainwright” Lupella finally discovered a sport that not only welcomed queer people, but provided a needed team environment that ended up feeling more like family.

The Oarsman

U.W. Rowing coach Lowell McNicholas built a career, and a strong sense of self, by being out on the water.

Popping the Bubble

Madison Gay Hockey player Tim Tender shares his experience learning to expand his worldview—and his own sense of self—through his time in the league.

Authentic Gains

Hybrid Athletic Club and Bakke Athletics owner Kjersten Bakke was taught from a young age to embrace her curiosity and the unknown, and to be true to herself. These lessons helped shape her somewhat unlikely life trajectory.

Rolling With the Punches

Local artist and activist Wendi Kent found support to cope with relationship trauma through the fast-wheeling world of roller derby.

A Story Worth Telling

Randi Hagen nearly quit hockey before she’d even started, but the community and support she found with the Madison Gay Hockey Association helped her through her darkest days.

Team Trans Breaks the Ice

When Team Trans took to the ice in Boston last November, Madison Gay Hockey Association (MGHA) made up the largest contingent on what is thought to be America’s first all-transgender team to ever compete in any sport. Past MGHA President k8 Walton recounts what it was like to be a part of that history-making team.