Last Friday we witnessed an incredible victory when the freedom to marry reached all 50 states and SCOTUS declared marriage equality a fundamental right.

Though same-sex couples now have the freedom to marry across the country, it is still legal in 28 states to be fired simply for being gay and transgender people can be fired and denied housing and access to public accommodations in 33 states.  There are no federal laws that protect LGBT Americans from this discrimination.  We need to leverage the momentum of the marriage victory to ensure that LGBT Americans are protected from discrimination.

Freedom for All Americans is the bipartisan national campaign solely dedicated to securing nondiscrimination protections for LGBT Americans.  I’m proud to be a part of the FFAA team, where I am building LGBT University, a new training program to develop a diverse and skilled team of advocates running and supporting nondiscrimination campaigns.  We are bringing Democrats and Republicans, faith and business leaders, community activists, allied organizations, and more together to make sure that LGBT Americans will be protected from discrimination no matter where they live.

But we need your help.

 FFAA is supporting local and state campaigns to advance fully inclusive nondiscrimination policies.  We’re building and supporting on-the-ground teams to develop and execute successful advocacy campaigns.

Over at, we’ve got a job board that will be updated regularly with opportunities to work on nondiscrimination campaigns across the country We need your help to circulate those job opportunities to your networks and identify talented individuals.  Right now, those job opportunities include:

On the job bank webpage, you can also join our email list to get updates about job opportunities as they become available.  Please take a moment to look at the job descriptions currently posted on the site and pass along this information to anyone who might be interested in joining a nondiscrimination campaign.  And please join our distribution list to get future updates about job opportunities.  You’ll also hear more about our training opportunities for current and prospective campaign staff in the weeks ahead.