(Madison, WI) The Madison Minotaurs Rugby Club, a local International Gay Rugby (IGR) team, are hosting their first ever tournament for other IGR teams throughout the country. The tournament will be held between the Minotaurs, the Milwaukee Beer Barons, the Columbus Coyotes, the Columbus Kodiaks, the Minneapolis Mayhem, and the St. Louis Crusaders. The tournament will be held at the Wisconsin Rugby Club Sports Complex at 4064 Vilas Road, Cottage Grove on May 12th. Pre-tournament and post-tournament festivities will be hosted at FIVE Nightclub.

The Madison Minotaurs are the first IGR team to be established in Wisconsin. Founded in 2007 as a club for gay and bisexual men and their allies, the team has regularly competed in matches and tournaments across the world. The club welcomes players regardless of race, color, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, experience, or fitness level. They are dedicated to promoting and increasing diversity in the sport of rugby, refuting stereotypes, and creating a competitive yet friendly team of rugby players.

Tournament play will start Saturday morning at 9 AM and go into 3 PM. There will be no charge for tournament spectators.