OPEN Madison is proud to welcome city officials, city council members, and mayoral and city council candidates for an opportunity to meet and talk with LGBT professionals and allies about issues facing the LGBT community and the city as a whole. The event is intended to facilitate dialogue on how the city and the LGBT community can work together to foster a welcoming environment for LGBT professionals and encourage their involvement in city issues.

OPEN hosted a program in May 2013 that encouraged a dialogue on attracting and retaining LGBT professionals in the Madison area. This event will continue that discussion and focus on the next steps we as a community can take to further those goals. All are welcome to take part in this discussion in an informal meet and greet setting!

Officials who are currently confirmed include:

Rep. Melissa Sargent
Mayor Paul Soglin
Scott Resnick (Mayoral Candidate)
Larry Palm, Alder, District 12
Mary Kolar, Dane County Supervisor
Mike Verveer, Alder
Marsha Rummel, Alder
Matt Brink (Alder Candidate)
John Strasser, Alder
Jean Edel Brody, Regional Rep. on behalf of Sen. Tammy Baldwin
Alder Mark Clear
Sara Eskrich, District 13 Alder Candidate
Admission: $10, Current OPEN Member | $20, Non-Member