Milwaukee-based transgender support organization FORGE is conducting a needs assessment survey to better understand some of the current and changing needs of the trans community in Wisconsin.

“We want to cast the net widely to reach as many diverse parts of our community as possible,” writes FORGE’s Caleb Weinhardt. “The data we collect will identify needs, service gaps, and places where FORGE and other organizations might be able to fill some of those gaps in services or support for trans/non-binary individuals, partners, families, loved ones, and communities.”

The survey contains a range of questions, including how people are meeting their everyday survival needs, experiences with discrimination, access to health care, and connection to community organizations and services. The survey takes about 20 minutes to complete, and there is a raffle at the end as an incentive for community members to participate.

All trans/non-binary people in Wisconsin arte invited to take the survey. Partners and loved ones of trans/non-binary people, parents of trans or gender-expansive children, those who care about trans issues, and service providers to trans/non-binary people are also welcome to participate.

Survey results will be summarized/made anonymous before being shared publicly, and no identifying information will be collected from participants.