The mission of TRANSforum is to provide cutting-edge education and resources to health professionals who wish to improve the quality of care they provide to trans clients. If you are a provider interested in staying current in LGBTQ care–including being up to date with local, state, and national resources, ethically navigating issues such as tensions between confidentiality and violence prevention, and using language that is both current and respectful–REGISTER NOW for this October 21st event.

The new age of healthcare for trans clients has arrived. Become a part of the local and national network of providers who aspire to provide high quality, ethical and informed care to LGBTQ clients and their families.

This conference, born out of the collaborative efforts of Madison area professionals who are dedicated to improving health care for trans clients, is the only event of its kind offered in the United States to date. With a focus not only on education but also on community outreach and resource awareness, TRANSforum is designed to educate and connect providers in order to raise the bar for trans health care in Wisconsin and beyond.

Speakers so far include shor e. salkas, Kathy Oriel, MD, and Ted Weltzin, MD. For more, visit the website at