The Barf Zine is making its way across the Midwest to bring you rarely­ discussed blunt analysis, and personal anecdotes about body image, food, eating disorders, and radical identities!

For far too long activists, communists, anarchists, feminists, and queers have turned a blind eye to issues of body dysphoria, fatphobia, and eating disorders. Our insistence that these problems exist only in the normative culture silences the very real comrades, friends, lovers in our community who struggle daily.

Come listen to personal narratives from people in these diverse communities that are tired of being quiet. We are speaking out, and we want you to listen!

As an extra special treat, the Barf Zine Tour is pleased to welcome zine contributor Gus Allis and her short, one ­woman play entitled “I Thought Fat Girls Were Supposed to be Funny?” along for the ride. Through an intense, darkly funny, brutal monologue, Allis addresses the audience and forces them to examine the effects of fatphobia on one woman’s life.

Show Details
Date: Saturday April 19th, 2014
Venue: Rainbow Bookstore Co-op
Address: 426 W. Gilman Street Madison, WI 53703
Time: 7pm
Cost: Free, Donations welcome

More About Presenters
Gus Allis is a writer, performer, and storyteller based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Specializing in brutal, blunt prose, she enjoys changing minds and opening hearts through emotional oversharing, TMI-filled monologues, and mythological metaphors. When she was 5 years old, she cut off all the eyelashes on one of her eyes because she wanted to see if it would make half her face look like a boy. It didn’t.

Kate Pleuss grew up with cats and chickens in WI and now lives in an itsy bitsy commune in Columbus OH. She works on DIY projects that have a point and get to it. Kate works with prisoners in OH enjoys writing short stories every once in a while. She has acted in, co-produced and directed plays with Insurgent Theatre from 2008 to 2013.

Contact: Kate Pleuss 614-725-4333 //