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November 2014


In spite of struggles at home and at school, Tara Gregorich found the support she needed to come out and drop the mask she’d been living behind.

Invisibly Queer

Dr. Sue Gill explores the ways in which some queer-identified people end up ostracized or unseen even within the LGBTQ community.

All Families Suffer When Good Food Leaves

Black Earth Meats run out of town by Village Board, but the fight for fresh, sustainable food sources continues

The Privilege of Planning Ahead

Linda Ketcham examines the ways in which we worry about our children, depending on where they come from.

Victories and the Work Ahead

Rep. Mark Pocan reflects on his first term in Congress and the successes and challenges that lay both behind and ahead.

Marriage Equality / Family Equality

Attorney Michele L. Perreault examines the progress made and challenges that remain in ensuring full parental equality following the victory for marriage equality.

LGBT Safe Schools

Part 2: Students Are the Focus

Surrogacy for Same-Sex Couples

Technology’s come a long way for this increasingly popular parenting option, and marriage equality might make the legal side a little simpler.

Finding Family

Judge Rhonda Lanford found her true self through the love of families, both blood and chosen, and a lot of hard work

Out At Last

Madisonian Rosalee Eichstedt reflects on her relationship with her newly out bisexual dad and how it impacted her own path toward self-acceptance.

Justice Warrior

Caroline Werner interviews Carrie “Chaous” Riddle, a working class grandmother who has dedicated herself to volunteering on behalf of the most vulnerable among us

The Revolving Door Closet

Dennis Yadon tells the story of his family and the times when going back into the closet became necessary for professional and emotional survival

Families Connect

Kim Simes and the Family Equality Council work to lift up the voices of children in the fight for marriage equality.

Meeting the Need

The Salvation Army of Dane County faces serious fundraising shortfalls in the wake of bad press internationally, but the local chapter has worked directly with the LGBTQ community for years.

Acting with Pride

Executive Director Brian Wild reflects on the past, present, and future of Proud Theater.

Tackling Life, Head-On

Katie Jayce found a home and fulfilled a dream by joining the rough and tumble world of women’s tackle football.