MADISON, WI – November 24, 2014 – Project Famous, LLC, a Madison, WI based Artist Collective, Digital Magazine, and Film Company, is now accepting submissions for their 2nd Annual Screenwriting Competition.

Coinciding with this announcement, Project Famous also welcomes Final Draft, Inc., Blake Snyder Enterprises, LLC, Sony Creative Software, Inc., NessAlla, LLC, and Rex Sikes Movie Beat, as official prize sponsors of the competition.

“We are so thrilled to have these sponsors on board with us for our screenwriting competition. We hope that the winners also see the value of these companies and what their sponsorship means to an independently-owned organization like Project Famous. This is a very exciting time for us to be backed by these reputable and trusted partners,” said Kelly Lajter, competition director and company general manager.

Project Famous provides a great place for artists of all kinds to be creative and meet new people. “Entering a competition is a healthy way to get your name out there. Who knows what incredible people await you after entry. Competition can push you in ways that you never thought possible. When the pressure is on I find that the brain excels in creativity. It’s also wonderful to have our sponsors sharing the love for this competition. They offer so much for our entrants while spreading the message that they support the community,” said Joey Broyles, Project Famous founder and executive producer.

To learn more about this competition, its official rules, and submission details click here.

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About Project Famous
Project Famous, LLC is a three-part company: a magazine, a film company, and an artist collective. Project Famous Magazine is a digital publication that is published at The magazine focuses on independent artists in Madison and provides a great way for local artists/advocates to read and tap into the community. Whether it be music, fashion, film, or art we provide the news on our indie community. Project Famous Films produces a professional caliber of films, music videos, and live productions. Project Famous is also an award-winning competitor two years running in the 48-Hour Film Project. Lastly, they are a collective of Madison-based artists who are inspired by creating art together in a supportive and constructive environment. Artists of all ages, skill levels, and abilities, and mediums are welcome.