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Bonnie Raimy’s tips to purchasing the perfect summer shorts.

Bonnie Raimy’s tips to purchasing the perfect summer shorts.

No demin shorts…please, I beg you.

Stick with a flat front chino/cotton short. You can find 5” and 7” inseams, but if I’m being honest, 5” is a bit too short for my taste. If you are a cyclist, have amazingly tanned, shaved thighs…by all means, rock the 5” or 7” inseam; otherwise, 9”/9 ¾” are good standard lengths. If you need a longer short, go no longer than an 11” inseam, but know that you are dangerously close to looking sloppy. FYI: make sure, especially if you are Mr. Shorty Shorts, that you wear underwear…’nuff said.

If you need a cargo short, choose a pair where the pockets fall closer to the hem of the short and not the upper thigh. Cargo pockets add unwanted bulkiness to your legs. It’s better to have the pockets closer to the knee.

Shake things up with color options not style options. Try investing in a great pair of madras shorts (patchwork/plaid cotton…I love Brooks Brothers), think about worn-in chinos in red, orange and green. If you like the little icons sewn into the fabric, stay away from martini glasses and flamingos and go for scorpions and skulls…you bad boy, you!

Try choosing long-sleeve, collared shirts with the sleeves rolled up (elbow length) instead of short sleeved shirts, add a loose tie and blazer, and rock the Converse All-Stars sans the socks…you will be amazing!

Ladies, our options are vast and go way beyond the standard short. Take what you want from the above info, and if you have any specific questions, shoot me an email. I’d me happy to help!

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