MADISON, Wis – June 16, 2014 – Community Shares of Wisconsin (CSW) is adding new member groups to its fundraising federation, which currently includes 60 member nonprofits.  Potential new member groups must be a 501(c)3 nonprofit and must have a demonstrated commitment to advancing social change through advocacy, raising community awareness, and challenging injustices.  Initial applications are due August 1.

“Our current members do outstanding work to create system change in our community and statewide,” said Crystel Anders, CSW Executive Director.  “Yet so many small nonprofits—especially those that are involved in advocacy and activism, or those that work on behalf of marginalized groups—face funding challenges.  We’re adding up to 20 new member groups to expand the breadth of our organizational mission.”

There is an emphasis on recruiting groups that focus on:

• Addressing racial and ethnic disparities
• Creating innovative strategies aimed at increasing educational equality and attainment
• Food security
• Environmental justice
• Increasing economic equality
• Reducing discrimination
• Civic engagement and grassroots organizing—to provide the tools so people can act together to create change on a systemic level

CSW not only raises money for nonprofits, it offers technical and other types of assistance to strengthen its member groups. Since CSW is based on a cooperative model, member groups have a seat on the board and are involved in decision-making through committee work. 

“Member input is integral to success and culture of CSW,” said Anders. “With our current 65-member board, we rely on engaged members for efficient, effective decision-making. Together with our members, CSW aims to change community philanthropy by empowering donors and nonprofits.”

The new member application, and instructions for applying, are at; see the “News” section on the right side of the web page. All applications are due August 1, 2014.

For our media contacts: if you’d like more information contact Community Shares (608-256-1066): Director Crystel Anders, Associate Director Cheri Buckner, or Communications Director Moira Urich.