Transgender Americans serve in our military and put their lives on the line every day. Until today, they were able to serve openly with honor and integrity.

In addition to these trained and qualified transgender service members, there are countless more who are able and willing to serve their country. Retaining talented service members—rather than discharging them simply because of their gender identity—strengthens our nation’s military readiness.

At Diverse & Resilient, we work to achieve health equity and improve the safety and well-being of LGBTQ people and communities in Wisconsin. We a see a future where LGBTQ people in Wisconsin can thrive living healthy, satisfying lives in safe, supportive communities.

The president’s announcement of a discriminatory anti-trans military policy does not help any American live a healthier or more satisfying life, nor does it promote safe or supportive communities—especially for our transgender friends and family members. We realize the president often announces big policy changes on Twitter that are discriminatory in nature in order to distract us from other issues. But we are not single-issue individuals.

We will continue to call out discriminatory policies and call for a national debate on issues like health care, reproductive rights, and other topics that matter to all Americans. Both the statements made and the policies enacted by this administration hurt more individuals than just those serving in our military.

We would like all transgender individuals to know that we have your back. Diverse & Resilient will continue to call out discrimination, and we will continue to provide safe, supportive, and inclusive programming. We will also work with legislators to help create and support policies that support transgender rights. If you would like to reach out to talk to an advocate for support, please call our warmline at (414) 856-LGBT (5428).

Diverse & Resilient stands in solidarity with all transgender people.