Madison is now home to the newly created People Power, the grassroots-organizing project of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

Reacting to the current political climate, People Power was created to protect immigrants from demonization, harassment, and deportation.

“As soon as the election was over, we all realized ordinary people were going to have to get involved if we want to keep the Trump Administration from violating our civil liberties. The treatment of local immigrant communities by our police and sheriff are one area where we can make a real difference.” –Julia Gilden, member of People Power.

Three dozen activists in Madison are working on behalf of People Power and are looking for more concerned parties to become involved.

Currently, activists are working on three main projects:

  • Working with local law enforcement to push adoption of the ACLU’s 9 model policies
  • Raising money for Voces de la Frontera through the Voces Solidarity Challenge
  • Opposing anti-immigrant legislation, such as AB190/SB275     

“None of us have done this before, we’re just a bunch of people who know right from wrong and want to stand up for our neighbors. Madison and Dane county should be leading on this issue.” –Julia Gilden, member of People Power

The online home for People Power, where people can join the campaign, find and create events is located at

For more information locally, contact Julia Gilden at 415-308-2154,