Join us at the (Trans)forming Faith Conference, a one-day event dedicated to strengthening the understanding between transgender youth, their parents, and faith leaders from across Wisconsin. The event will consist of panel discussions, caucus breakout groups for parents, youth and faith community, and workshops on a series of topics that are important to transgender youth and the faith community.

This conference is coordinated by Joanne Lee in honor of Skylar Lee.  Joanne Lee beame an activist, organizer and public speaker following the suicide of her son Skylar Lee, who was an out transgender high school student.

The event is open to the public and all are encouraged to attend, particularly any LGBTQIA youth, adults and people connected to faith communities. The schedule for the day includes:

  • Panel discussion highlighting the experience of youth, parent and faith

  • Break out sessions as healing spaces for youth, parents and faith

  • Lunch

  • Workshops on key issues relevant to Trans and LGBTQ youth, Families and Faith

  • Closing Panel highlighting the next steps to create a faith communities and families that support and encourage trans and LGBTQ people

Co-sponsors: Joanne Lee, Dane County Trans Health Coalition, GSA Network, Outreach, NQAPIA, Operation Welcome Home, GSAFE, Freedom Inc.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer or co-sponsor, please contact Joanne at

For more information visit the website or Facebook event page.